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The Kentucky House of Representatives needs to hear from licensees now to help reduce liability landlords face when renting of leasing property.  In a recent decision, Benningfield v. Zinsmeister, the Kentucky Supreme Court interpreted Kentucky statutes as permitting a landlord to be held liable when a tenant's dog attacks someone on or about the leased premises.  The Court determined that the landlord can be considered the statutory owner of the dog if the landlord has permitted the dog to be kept on the leased premises.  

Read talking points here and please make a quick call to House members today!


Find your representative and contact them by pone, email or the Legislator Message Line* at 1-800-372-7181.  When you're connected, please say the following:

- I am a constituent and a REALTOR
- I strongly urge you to support the passage of SB 78
- By supporting SB 78, you are helping landlords by reducing the liability these local small business owners face due to the Supreme Court's overreach.
- By supporting SB 78, you are helping dog owners that will likely face higher rents or limited rental housing options due to higher costs of liability for landlords due to this Supreme Court ruling.

Feel free to add your own personal experience.

*Call Times are Monday - Thursday 8am-11pm EST and Friday 8am-6pm EST.



The Kentucky General Assembly’s 2014 session began on January 7 and is scheduled to adjourn on April 15.

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As the 2014 legislative session progresses, it is critical for REALTORS across Kentucky to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to the Commonwealth.  Please be sure to look for KAR's Legislative Update every Friday during this legislative session for the latest updates and information in Frankfort and how it affects your business.

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2014 Legislative Session - bills being watched by KAR:

SB 51 - Kentucky Real Estate Continuing Education Reform
With major supporters leading the way, SB 51, the Kentucky real estate continuing education reform bill, is a legislative priority for KAR this session. The bill essentially raises the continuing education requirements from 6 hours each year to 12 hours each year with the end goal creating a more professional industry within Kentucky and giving consumer's increased protection through a better educated real estate agent. Currently, Kentucky requires the least amount of CE hours than any state in the U.S.

SB 51
SB 51 Talking Points
SB 51 FAQs

Eminent Domain
(relating to the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline)

KAR is closely monitoring the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline that will transport natural gas liquids through Kentucky. Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP have addressed concerns about the potential use of eminent domain along the pipeline’s proposed route and stressed the fact that it is an absolute last option that is rarely used.

Eminent domain, as defined by the Kentucky Eminent Domain Act of 1976, means the right of the Commonwealth to take land for a public purpose, and shall include the right of private persons, corporations, or business entities, to do so under authority of law. REALTORS® are committed to the private ownership of real property and believe it is the foundation of our the Commonwealth's free enterprise system .KAR will continue to monitor any situation where eminent domain is utilized. Here are a few resources on the issue:

Eminent Domain Summary from KAR Legal Counsel
Rep. John Tilley Pre-filed bill
Rep. David Floyd Pre-filed bill
Sen. Jimmy Higdon Pre-filed bill
KRS 416
Kentucky Resources Council (Eminent Domain explained)
Bluegrass Pipeline project
Cn2 reports "Landowners divided over Bluegrass Pipeline"

Check back weekly for an updated list of bills KAR is monitoring throughout the 2014 session.

"Issues Confronting the 2014 Kentucky General Assembly" book available

A book containing issue briefs on topics likely to confront lawmakers during the Kentucky General Assembly's 2014 session is now available in print and online.  This book contains 46 issue briefs prepared by members of the Legislative Research Commission staff.

Real estate related issue briefs include:

Professional Or Driver’s Licenses - Should the General Assembly revise statutes authorizing the revocation of professional or driver’s licenses of individuals who have any state tax liability?
Page 77

Eminent Domain -  Should the General Assembly authorize the condemnation of private property needed to construct a natural gas liquids pipeline?
Page 87

Local Occupational License Tax -
Should the General Assembly amend the local occupational license tax statutes so that counties with populations of more than 30,000 are treated the same as other counties and cities?
Page 11

The book is not meant as an exhaustive list of issues that lawmakers will consider, but reflects a balanced look at some of the main topics that have been discussed in legislative committee meetings.  The publication can be viewed here.

Coffman Tax

KREAB Letter

SB 78