Professional Standards

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Professional Standards & Mediation Services

Professional standards provides our members information on issues relating to the NAR Code of Ethics and how KAR handles the Professional Standards Process for local REALTOR® Associations.  Professional standards makes recommendations to KAR’s Board of Directors on policy decisions relating to many of the items listed as follows:

Professional Standards Process

KAR abides by the Professional Standards Agreement signed by all of the 27 local boards.  KAR handles the administrative paperwork for all Ethics Complaints and Arbitration Requests from Boards for all Option A Boards (Boards who delegate the administrative responsibilities to KAR).  Currently 26 of 27 local boards use KAR for the process.

Professional Standards Training

This is mandatory annual training for KAR members serving on the Professional Standards Committees.  The training consists of approximately six hours of instruction and in three locations across the state.  This training is necessary and mandatory for committee members to remain up-to-date on Professional Standards procedure and policy.

Association Executive Professional Standards Training/Materials

KAR provides updated “Ethics & Arbitration Kits” (forms to mail to someone wanting to file either an ethics complaint or arbitration request) and procedures for individuals wishing to utilize the Professional Standards process. KAR invites all AE’s to attend the annual training session and also provides a copy of the most recent Pro. Stds. Reference Manual used in training professional standards committee members to ensure that all Association Executives have a thorough overview of the Professional Standards process.

Mediation Training Course

The purpose of the one-day intensive training course and follow-up annual refresher courses is to train KAR members to serve in the capacity as Mediators in dispute resolution.  It is necessary to have trained qualified mediators to offer as an option in the KAR Professional Standards process as required by NAR®.

Mediation Program & Brochure

Mediation is offered as a service in the KAR Professional Standards process as an alternative to the formal Arbitration hearing and as a tool for dispute resolution for arbitration requests forwarded to a hearing by the Grievance Committee.

NAR Professional Standards Training Scholarships

This scholarship sends two KAR members to the Annual NAR Professional Standards Training in Chicago for additional training in Professional Standards procedure and policy. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, email Julie Johnson at for an application.

Education Classes

We work with NAR and KREEF to provide information about educational opportunities to REALTORS® on the Code of Ethics.  NAR requires every REALTOR® member must successfully complete an ethics class of at least 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Failure to complete the required ethics training shall be considered a violation of a membership duty for which the REALTOR® membership shall be suspended and membership terminated if the required training is not completed.