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Bylaw Changes for KAR
The following changes will be voted on at the next called membership meeting:

(Underlined indicates text to be added, strikethrough indicates text to be deleted.)

Article IV. Section 13 A.
(A) On all amendments, deletions and additions to these Bylaws in accordance with Article X, Section 11 10 of these Bylaws;

Article VI. Section 8.
Section 8. Any Director may be removed from office by a majority vote of the remaining Directors only upon the basis of a report by the CEO that such director has two (2) consecutive unexcused absences. Any Director removed in accordance with this provision shall immediately be notified in writing of such removal. The Delegate Body may remove any Director with 2/3 majority vote. A copy of the proposed motion to remove a Director shall be included with the notice convening the Delegate Body meeting. The Director’s position shall be vacated if a quorum of the Delegate Body is present at the noticed meeting and a 2/3 majority of the Delegates present and voting approve the motion to vacate. (Amended 2/12/09)

Article VI: Board of Directors, Section 14. 
In addition to the duties and authority set out elsewhere in these Bylaws, the Executive Vice President shall serve as the Chief Administrative and Operating Officer of KAR. He or she CEO shall supervise staff and have decision-makinge authority regarding staff employment matters. He or she will be responsible for the day-to-day management of KAR and for implementing policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. He or she shall make a report of the operational status of KAR at each Board of Directors Meeting, each meeting of the Delegate Body, and at meetings of the membership.